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From The Desk Of  Vicki Colt
Founder and CEO of Rock Your Life
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Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Vicki Colt,
I am a Life and Love Transformation Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Mom of two beautiful kids, an amazing son- in- law and  two adorable grandkids. 

Living life passionately and loving every moment has always been important to me. Learning and applying the tools and techniques in creating that life has not only transformed me as a person, but has also transformed my life into the purpose- filled dream life I ROCK today.

It is a complete blessing and honor to share in your journey, as I pass on these incredible, life transforming gifts, that were passed down to me. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed in all of its magnificent abundance. 

Let's Get YOU Passionately Rocking YOUR Life Too!

Much Love and Blessings.❤️

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